Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back On The Losing Edge: February 19th Progress Report

THE STATS: 6’6” (78 inches), 277.0 lbs (Goal: 240 lbs), BMI 32.0, Current month’s weight loss (February 2011): 2.6 lbs, 2011 weight loss: -12.8 lbs, total weight loss: 106.8 lbs.

WEEKLY WEIGHT LOSS  from February 5-February 11: -1.0 lbs

You say you want proof?
Today is a blog first: I am writing and publishing this update while on an exercise bike in Carnegie Mellon University's fitness center (where I work out when I'm stuck at school and not able to go to our next door neighbor YMCA)!  Technology is amazing, and something about putting into practice what I preach as I preach it makes it seem more it's infinitely more productive than surfing the Internet or listening to music while I work out.

Good week: I lost a bit, and generally felt like I was back in the routine a bit after my previous week's indiscretions.   I was held back from making more progress, since I was in crunch time for some big projects having to do with finishing my Masters, which obviously took precedence over heading to the gym in my "free time."  I made it to the gym several times this week, but hopefully I'll be back in the groove from now on.

Food cravings: There were a few, namely last night when driving an hour back home from playing a concert in Wheeling, WV, where I had eaten the salad I brought for dinner at 5:00 PM and was driving past numerous fast food joints at 10:30 PM, feeling like I could eat a horse.  I reminded myself of my impending progress report day weigh-in, and was able to stave off the cravings until I got home and had a banana, my daily dark chocolate and a few almonds.  Not by any means my ideal time to eat, but I had to have something, and that was some minimal damage!  Victory...

Coming later today: my editorial on health/weight loss obstacles, in response to your submissions on my Q&A call earlier this week.  Thanks again for those of you who responded, and I'll look forward to doing my best to help you out!

- Dan - 

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