Monday, January 31, 2011

Poll Results and First Weekly Monday Poll

Okay, well, the first poll I posted was just a warm-up. For the record, you all killed it, 85% of you chose brown rice, which is absolutely correct.  Why?

The FACTS:  It's really quite simple.  While there are plenty of healthy types of grain to eat, eating a grain in its whole form (unprocessed in any manner) is the most natural and health-safe way to take advantage of healthy proteins and carbohydrates in grain.  Wheat, oats, barley and rye, among others, contain a protein called gluten, to which a portion of the population is allergic, causing unhealthy inflammation in the body, and consequently, resistance to weight loss.  You can read a lot more on this subject in UltraMetabolism, where you can get a more in-depth explanation.  The majority of the carbohydrates in products containing gluten, come from gluten itself.

Brown rice, a fiber-rich, gluten-free whole grain
The bottom line is, all the foods in the poll besides brown rice will contain gluten, which is not an essential nutritional element when determining which kinds of carbs to eat and which to avoid.  The majority of the carbohydrates in brown rice, however, come from healthy fiber, making it the best option on that list based on the nutritional content and the fact that it's a whole grain.  The caloric differences between the options are negligible, and the quality of the calories in brown rice wins out.

If you disagree with my answer, please leave a comment!  I'd love to discuss, and maybe I'll learn something!

NEW POLL:  I'm going to post the weekly poll on Mondays from this point on, get your votes in!

- Dan -

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